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About Us

Our Mission
Develop and produce innovative marketing programs for our customers using proven marketing techniques, creative ideas and the highest quality resources; always being aware of our customers' return on investment and bottom-line profit margins.

Our Guiding Philosophy

  • Listen to our customers
  • Never be satisfied with marginally profitable results
  • Continue to look for ways to further enhance our products and services
  • Position ourselves among the leaders in the marketing industry by helping make our customers the leaders in their respective industries

Our Heritage
In the late 1970's, "extended warranties" were a hot item and becoming more popular by the day. During this time a small 3-store retail chain in the metropolitan Detroit area was looking to expand and realized the importance of offering warranties to their major appliance and electronics customers.

The retailer was facing fierce competition from some of the "big players" at the time (Sears, Wards, etc.) and their founding business principles were outsourcing non-core services and contingency-based compensation (commissions) for their sales staff.

Realizing that extended warranties didn't fit in the retailer's business model, the now president of Advanced Customer Services approached the retailer and made an agreement to manage the warranty process after the initial customer purchase.

Also during this period, toll-free 800 numbers were growing in popularity, so the outsourced warranty concept was a perfect "win-win" for the retailer and the founding president of ACS.

Therefore, in 1982 Advanced Customer Services was founded to manage inbound customer service calls and Advanced Telephone Promotions was formed for outbound marketing programs and related activities.

The fact that the same retailer is still our largest customer, and that their business has grown ten-fold in the last 22 years and us with them, is a tribute to the emphasis and value ACS places on customer satisfaction.

Over these years, our service levels have increased dramatically for the retailer's warranty program and today ACS acts as an independent third party administrator for the retailer, becoming responsible for all the processing of customer requests for service - quite a large undertaking considering that same retailer now has over 50 stores in three states!

The retailer, using certain guidelines and business rules we mutually developed, has entrusted ACS management to make all critical decisions regarding warranty service claims and full product replacement. That truly defines the spirit and meaning of a mutually rewarding business relationship.

Our Focus
Since our humble beginning 22 years ago, we have grown into one of the largest marketing communication service providers in the state, with three centers in Michigan, one in Ohio and a presence in Tennessee. All the while, our focus has been on fostering and growing client relationships by providing strategic and cost efficient solutions for meeting and exceeding our customers' service and marketing objectives.

We have used our growth experience wisely at ACS by learning all facets of the customer service industry and marketing sales techniques that few companies, if any, can rival. Our management understands and truly appreciates the value of quality human resources and the direct relation it has on our success and that of our valued customers.